Cayman Kaibo Wedding | Eryka + Henry

April 23, 2020

I am so excited to be sharing Eryka and Henry’s Cayman Kaibo Wedding today.

Eryka and Henry are real life heros without a cape. They met during a week long Mass Casualty training for first responders in April 2018 in Cayman. Eryka, a doctor, was excited for the training, Henry, a firefighter, less so. Neither expecting for the encounter to introduce someone who would change the rest of their lives.

A friends daughter, recommended my services to Eryka, as I had just photographed her wedding. She looked me up online, browsed thru my blog and instagram, and the rest was history.

I asked Eryka and Henry a few questions.

I asked Eryka how Henry proposed and she tells this lovely story:

“I was off island in New Orleans with my sister and a close friend for a few days and Henry had planned a dinner with my mum and brother for the the day we returned.

We had a very early morning flight back and I was exhausted so I tried (unsuccessfully) to have him postpone dinner. He kept insisting so I went under duress. I should have known something was up when he picked us up dressed to kill, but I was only concerned with getting dinner over with so I could sleep.

He slipped out during dinner and when he returned got down on one knee and popped the question. He caught me so off guard I can barely remember what he was saying.”

I also asked when did they know he or she was the ONE?

Henry said: “The first week we met. I even went and bought a ring for her 3 months later, as a promise that one day I would propose.”

Eryka took a little longer: “I guess my A-ha moment was totally random. It was about 6 months into the relationship when we were out shopping for something random and it just hit me that I could spend my life with this man.”

What was the best moment at your Cayman Kaibo Wedding?

Henry: “Watching Eryka walk down the aisle to “Fools Rush” and hearing the Reverend pronounce us as man & wife!”

Eryka: “It’s a tie between the father- daughter dance & seeing everyone having a great time on the dance floor.”

How was your experience taking photos/working with me on your wedding day?

Eryka: “JJ is wonderful and easy going. She makes taking pictures fun and it never felt like a chore or staged. She was busy the entire time.”

Henry: “Oh gosh, it was great. JJ is very professional and puts you at ease for the entire process.”

The amazing team!

wedding venue: Kaibo Beach
wedding planner: Save the Date, Romina Kape
hair & make-up: Jackie & Trina from Jackie Soriano
wedding flowers: The Flower Del

Janet Jarchow, is a Grand Cayman Photographer specialising in Wedding and Portrait Photography as well as videography. She has photographed hundred of weddings on all three of the Cayman Islands and abroad. Her light and airy photographic style lends itself to the beauty of the Cayman Islands. You can contact her here.