Cayman Surprise Proposal | Hayden + Jenny

December 13, 2019

Hayden and I planned the surprise proposal in secret, weeks before they got on island. We used Google Maps to plan the route for them to walk and to show him where I was hiding. 

Hayden talked Jenny into taking a walk down Seven Mile Beach before the sunset, with the idea that once Hayden saw ‘the marker’ (I put a yellow towel down so he knew where he was supposed to propose) he would then stop and go down to one knee. Ohhhhhh… so romantic…. 

It worked! Jenny didn’t spot me and was totally surprised …..

When Jenny finally looked up, and had a second to breathe and realize that THIS WAS REALLY HAPPENING, Hayden pointed to me hiding in the bush and exposed ‘his’ master plan! Jenny was so surprised, and of course said YES!

After the engagement, Hayden and Jenny did some fun shots of them on the beach, as the sun slowly descended into the perfect golden hour setting. 

Hayden wore navy blue checkered shirt with khaki’s and Jenny wore a super cute white dress with flowers which complimented each other perfectly for this perfect surprise proposal. 

beach surprise engagement grand cayman
beach surprise engagement grand cayman
beach surprise engagement grand cayman
surprise proposal grand cayman
couple walking on beach holding hands
beach surprise engagement grand cayman happy couple
beach surprise engagement grand cayman happy couple
beach surprise engagement grand cayman couple walking
beach surprise engagement grand cayman

Janet Jarchow, is a Grand Cayman Photographer specialising in Wedding and Portrait Photography as well as videography. She has photographed hundred of weddings on all three of the Cayman Islands and abroad. Her light and airy photographic style lends itself to the beauty of the Cayman Islands. You can contact her here.